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Mrs Violet Kwan, 92, started baking the beloved chocolate fudge cakes in 1964. Her sister-in-law Lani, who was in Singapore on a visit from Hawaii where she lived, baked and gave her friends delightful chiffon cakes which she had learned while working in a bakery. Her friends loved the cakes and Lani taught Mrs Kwan to bake the cakes so that her friends could order them after she returned to Hawaii.

Mrs Kwan continued to bake from her home in Hillcrest Park and the cake shop was subsequently set up in 1975 in it’s current location at Greenwood Avenue. Lana Cake Shop was named after Lani.

Mrs Kwan initially baked three flavours: the orange chiffon cake, blueberry cake and chocolate fudge cake. Over the years she expanded the range to some 12 flavours which include the pineapple, mocha, date, coconut and carrot cake. The chocolate fudge has become the Lana signature and the most popular of all.

Today, Lana Cakes remains a family-owned and operated business. It is committed to quality and taste only the home-baked cakes can bring to its customers. Mrs Kwan’s legacy is carried on by her son (Jason) and her legendary cakes will live on for many Singaporeans who love them.

Mrs Violet Kwan is frequently at Lana Cakes to greet her customers.





Celebrating Life’s Special Moments & Significant Events!

Timeless classic – soft, moist and feather-light chiffon cake is covered with our signature chocolate fudge.
From $62.00
Our classic Chocolate Fudge cake with extra fudge. Double layers of fudge and a whole lot more in the centre!
From $96.00
Airy yuzu chiffon with bits of yuzu peel is covered in sweet/tangy jello-y frosting.
From $70.00
Sweet meets sour -marvelously sweet blueberry topping and tangy lemon cream cover airy lemon chiffon.
From $86.00
Another classic – chiffon that is a perfect blend of chocolate and coffee is frosted with mouth watering mocha cream.
From $78.00
Lana’s hidden gem – light coconut chiffon with rich coconut cream and perfectly balanced gula-melaka is a must for coconut lovers.
From $88.00
Refreshing nip of pineapple with every bite. Perfect on its own or with ice-cream.
From $68.00
Savory walnut torte is multilayered with whipped cream cheese and three-berry-jam.
From $88.00
Pound Cake like texture-chocholate cake baked with naturally sweet dates and semi-dark chocolate chips are delightfuly moist and yummy.
From $32.00
Traditional fruit cake is baked with raisins, walnuts, mixed fruits, and laced with rum.
From $14.00



Tuesday - Friday :

10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Saturday :

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Sunday - Monday :


Public Holidays :

*Tuesday: First Baking Day of the week, cakes (chocolate cake) will be available from 12.30pm onwards only