Mrs Violet Kwan’s son, Jason, has quietly taken over the business, learning the ropes, updating the processes, revamping the branding and tweaking cake recipes.

When Mrs Violet Kwan put up the storied Lana Cake Shop for sale in 2016, she was adamant about finding “the right person” to take over the business.

That person has turned out to be her son Jason Kwan, 53, who gave up his job as a banker in Tokyo to move back to Singapore. It has been 18 months and he said he is finally ready to talk about why he decided to continue his mother’s business in Greenwood Avenue.

He said: “If I had come out and said I’d taken over, the only question people would ask is whether the cake is as good. It was never about me taking over.

“I wanted customers to see that there was a seamless transition. I’ve talked to customers who are happy that I’ve taken over. The encouragement, feedback and goodwill have been amazing.”