When talking about the best chocolate cakes in Singapore, Lana Cake Shop instantly comes to mind. Founded by Mrs Violet Kwan in 1964 who then retired in 2016, everyone’s all-time-favourite Lana’s Chocolate Fudge Cake ($55 for 1150g) is moist, smooth and not overpowering. Its highlight? A thick, shiny fudge that envelopes the whole cake. It even has a nostalgic flavour to many Singaporeans.

The sole outlet of Lana Cakes in Greenwood Avenue has been in business for over five decades and is still the place to go to satisfy your chocolate cake cravings. In fact, many say you will not look at chocolate cakes the same way again once you have tried a piece. Want one? Start placing your orders, stat. You need to place your orders at least a week in advance and it’s almost impossible to buy one through walk-in.